The Tampa DUI Toolbox – Free Tools to Evaluate Your Case

If you’ve been arrested for a Tampa DUI, you’ve probably seen the “Free DUI Evaluation” buttons on other lawyers’ websites. Unfortunately, they’re usually just a contact form that forces you to give them your phone number and then wait for their call. It’s kind of like a mandatory first date. (Ugh).

These tools aren’t like that.

Before you give out your personal information or commit yourself to a telephone call, wouldn’t you like to know a little bit more about your case so that you can intelligently discuss your situation with a lawyer? Wouldn’t it be nice to know if you didn’t even need to hire a lawyer because there was an “obvious” defense in your case? Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could

Use these online tools to have many of your Tampa DUI questions answered immediately so you can determine whether you have a viable case or a good solution to your legal problem before committing any funds or significant time. (IMPORTANT: Please remember that none of these tools are intended to provide legal advice, because talking with a robot will never take the place of speaking with an experienced DUI defense attorney)

Arrested for a Tampa DUI? Use the online eligibility review to see if you qualify for a work permitFree Tampa DUI Tool: Work Permit Eligibility Checker. “Can I keep driving?” Use this tool to determine if your license should have been suspended after your Tampa DUI, and if so, for how long. You’ll also learn whether or not you should qualify for a temporary driving permit and what limitations the DMV will place on your driving. You’ll also get the forms to request the formal review hearing or the waiver in case you want to do it yourself.
Tampa DUI lawyer offers free online DUI case evaluations
Free Tampa DUI Tool: Online Case Evaluator.  Learn about the strengths and the weaknesses in your case, including what potential sentence you might be facing, as well as some of the sample defenses that may exist in your case that can help you possibly avoid a DUI conviction. This isn’t just a “Contact Me” form — you’re going to get REAL answers, RIGHT NOW.
Don't make a $10,000 mistake! Learn how much a DUI conviction will cost, and how much you'll save if a Tampa DUI lawyer can get your case dropped or reduced to Reckless DrivingFree Tampa DUI Tool: The DUI Cost Calculator. Do you know about “the hidden cost of a DUI?” It may surprise you how much a DUI conviction could cost you over the next 3 years. (Hint: It may be more than $10,000!) Learn how much extra a DUI conviction will cost, and also calculate how much you’ll save if your lawyer can get your Tampa DUI dismissed or reduced to a Reckless Driving offense.
Arrested for a Tampa DUI and took the breath test? Use the online DUI calculator to see if the results are accurate.Free Tampa DUI Tool: The BAC calculator. If you took a breath test for your Tampa DUI, you may be wondering, “Are those results really accurate?” To find out, start by using the online BAC calculator to get an estimate of what your BAC level should have been, and then compare it to the breath alcohol results printed by the Intoxilyzer 8000. If the results are substantially different from your expected BAC, there may be a medical or physiological reason why your BAC was overestimated, or there may be an engineering or maintenance issue with the Intoxilyzer 8000. Either way, there may be an issues that we can use to attack the Intoxilyzer breath test results and give you a better chance of avoiding a Tampa DUI conviction.