May 2013 – No ignition interlock for .190 BAC enhanced DUI

Tampa DUI lawyer helps client avoid ignition interlock for enhanced DUI arrest.

If your BAC was over .15, you may be required to get an ignition interlock device installed in your car. Talk to a Tampa DUI lawyer today to see if you can avoid the interlock.

Quick summary of the Tampa DUI case: Client pulls out in front of police officer and speeds off, drifting inside his lane and making a “wide” turn. When stopped, he agrees to perform field sobriety exercises for the Tampa Police Department DUI officer, showing all 6 clues on the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) test, and demonstrated several clues of impairment on the walk-and-turn and one-leg stand exercises. Transported back to the Hillsborough County Jail’s Central Breath Testing, his breath test level was .190 BAC.

DUI defense: Client wanted to get the ignition interlock requirement waived, and I was able to accomplish that through pre-trial negotiations. The prosecutor agreed to a no-jail offer and an agreement to remove the enhancement for a DUI over .15 BAC, so client accepted the offer and we resolved the case.

Results: Case was reduced from an enhanced DUI to regular DUI, with no ignition interlock requirement and no jail.

How this helps your Tampa DUI case: If you are convicted of a DUI with a high BAC (anything over .15 BAC is considered “enhanced” in Florida), you will be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in your case. But in many cases, we can get this requirement waived through pre-trial motions or pre-trial negotiations. In some cases, we can even get the case reduced to a reckless driving. Every case has defenses. Some may be stronger than others, but every case has issues that can be attacked and may lead to a better resolution. Every case is different, so you should speak with an experienced Tampa DUI attorney who has the knowledge and is willing to invest the time preparing the case to see if there are any chances of avoiding jail or avoiding a DUI conviction.

If you were arrested for DUI, no matter how bad the case looks, don’t ever plead guilty without first talking to a Tampa DUI lawyer. There may even be a way that can get your charges dismissed, but you’ll never know unless you fight your charges by talking to a Tampa DUI attorney. Please call me at (855) THE-DUI-GUY (855-843-3844) TODAY to discuss how I can help.