Tampa DUI lawyer gets charges reduced in case with breath test 3x the legal limit

October 2014 – Case Reduced from .230 BAC

Tampa DUI lawyer gets charges reduced in case with breath test 3x the legal limit

Tampa DUI lawyer Elliott Wilcox got charges reduced in case with breath test 3x the legal limit

Quick summary of the Tampa DUI case: Client was arrested for a DUI with a breath test of .230. This is almost 3 times the legal limit of .08 BAC, so the prosecutor was treating the case very seriously.

DUI defense: This is one of those cases where the best work can be done with negotiations. By showing the prosecutor some potential issues in the case (even though those issues probably would not lead to any type of dismissal or reduction on their own), they agreed to reduce the charge from an enhanced DUI to a DUI below .15.

Results: Client avoided an enhanced DUI conviction, avoiding the $2000 maximum fine and the 6 month ignition interlock requirement.

How this helps your Tampa DUI case: No matter how high the BAC in your case, there is always a potential chance to get the charge reduced from an enhanced DUI using negotiation and outlining the potential issues with the breath test. If your BAC is 2 or 3x the legal limit, you’re facing a very serious charge and you need the best Tampa DUI lawyer you can find to help. Every case has defenses. Some may be stronger than others, but every case has issues that can be attacked and may lead to a better resolution. Every case is different, so you should speak with an experienced Tampa DUI attorney who has the knowledge and is willing to invest the time preparing the case to see if there are any chances of avoiding jail or avoiding a DUI conviction.

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If you’ve been arrested for DUI, no matter how bad the case looks, don’t ever plead guilty without first talking to a Tampa DUI lawyer. There may even be a way that can get your charges dismissed, but you’ll never know unless you fight your charges by talking to a Tampa DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Many of the issues in DUI cases are very time sensitive. DUI cases are serious, with harsher penalties than many felony cases, and the “hidden cost” of DUI insurance that can easily climb past $25,000! (Good news: You can avoid almost all of that if your DUI lawyer gets the DUI dropped or gets the charge reduced!)

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