Free Video – How to Survive Your DUI

Not Ready to Meet With a Tampa DUI Lawyer Yet?

That’s understandable, because choosing the right Tampa DUI attorney is probably the most important decision you’ll make about your DUI case, and choosing the wrong attorney would be the worst decision you make. What if you could listen to an attorney tell you about the most important issues in your case… WITHOUT any of the pressure associated with setting up a phone appointment or sitting down face-to-face?

Many of the issues in your case are time-sensitive…

For example…

  • If you miss your license deadline, you won’t be able to drive!
  • If you don’t preserve certain types of case-winning evidence, it will disappear!
  • If you don’t handle your court hearing, you could go to jail!

If you make a mistake, you’ll screw up your case!

There’s so much stress associated with a DUI, it can be difficult to navigate through all of the landmines.

You need an experienced DUI attorney at your side to guide you through the minefield, and help you safely get through this ordeal.

In this video, you can get many of your questions answered without the pressure of meeting face-to-face or feeling concerned about taking time off of work to meet with someone.

This isn’t a sales pitch…

That’s why many people are concerned about picking up the phone to meet with a lawyer. They’re concerned they’ll just get a sales pitch as the lawyer tells them why they’re the “greatest DUI lawyer in the world” or some other nonsense.

You don’t need a sales pitch.

This is a step-by-step plan for surviving your DUI…

You need to know how to get through this ordeal safely, and how to give yourself the best chance to get your license back and win your DUI case.

In this video, you’ll discover…

  • How to get your license back, so you can keep driving and won’t lose your job…
  • Important evidence to preserve, so that it doesn’t disappear before you go to court…
  • How to avoid the most common DUI mistakes many people (which completely screw up their cases)…
  • The important deadlines coming up in your case (you MUST hit these deadlines, or else your case is doomed!)
  • And more tips to help you get through this with a minimum amount of trouble.

I know how much stress you’re dealing with, and I know that this can feel a little overwhelming. You’re worried about getting your license back, you’re worried about your job, and you’re worried about how much this is all going to cost.


You will get through this, I promise.

Before you make any final decisions about your case, invest a little time to walk you through the basic steps of a DUI and make sure that you don’t screw up your case. The video is free, but the information could be priceless.